Yohanna Edge Creative director & Costume Designer stylist nicole meyer

Yohanna Edge Agency

Throughout her childhood Yohanna was immersed with French and Brazilian culture, raised by parents from both origins, she developed a passion for art, painting, photography and theater.

During her studies in the famous school ESAA Duperré Paris, she learned about stylism and creative arts under the direction of the renowned designer Pierre Hardy.

In 2007 she commenced her career as a freelancer and quickly made new encounters and took on projects that brought her to evolve in various creative fields, notably in Fashion, Cinema and Television.

Yohanna’s universe is heavily marked by her culturally rich upbringing; her signature style constantly channels an elegant balance of colourful South-American tones whilst keeping in tune with the unique “Parisian chic” feeling. Yohanna draws her inspiration from her travels to create quirky, energizing and elegant styles.

Her collaboration with the Guess Stylist gave her the breakthrough in her career that had then given her the exposure to collaborate with the famous photographers Hanspeter Schneider and François Aloisi. Her edito and style are now profoundly valued by international magazines.  This explosure has allowed Yohanna to shoot celebrities such as Gérard Depardieu, David Hallyday, Adriana Karembeu.

She made a name for herself by juxtaposing visual entities and concepts, she managed advertising campaigns, collaborated with Art Directors from various prominent Designer Brands during fashion shows, keeping an aesthetic and conceptual balanced approach to her work. Microsoft, Bouygues Telecom, BHV, Renault, Betclic, Procter & Gamble, Cartier all placed their trust in her talent.

Dreamily entranced by the tasteful combination of luxury, art and spectacle, enter here into the wonderful universe of Yohanna.

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